Boston Acoustics enclosures or sub boxes don't mess around. Every enclosure is designed around it's close kin, the subwoofer. It's not only the small things like mounting depth, and the subwoofer's mounting circumference that come into play with these boxes. Boston Acoustics' subwoofer boxes go to the next level, everything from the MDF, cubic ft per sub, terminals, and dadoed edges for a perfect seal make Boston Acoustic sub boxes something to behold. You can't go wrong by adding a factory tuned subwoofer enclosure from Boston Acoustics to your car stereo system.

JL audio makes W7 series subwoofers to be the loudest, and their speaker series to sound the cleanest. But what good is a subwoofer without an enclosure to put it in. The JL audio subwoofer boxes come loaded with JL W1, W3, or W7 subwoofers in single or dual. The subwoofer enclosures from JL are designed to perfectly match each subwoofer, including: mounting depth, air space, frequency, and box thickness. You can take one of these JL Audio boxes drop it in a vehicle, hook an amp up and you will instantly have head pounding bass.

Orion car audio strives to be the best car audio manufacturer in the market from their unique looking amplifies to their massive H2 subwoofers they have it all! Everything Orion offers is the highest of quality that will last you a long time! If you want to have the best system from the best brand name then Orion is the way to go! Impress anyone you show your system to and they will be wishing thy had Orion in their vehicle. Orion now also offers West Coast Customs which offers a full line of amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers. If your looking to have the best system in your town then you have to give Orion a try!