You can add a dose of potent power to your system, thanks to the special design of the Kenwood Excelon amplifiers. Its dual power supplies and efficient Class D design let this amp deliver massive amounts of power to your speakers from a compact chassis that'll fit in more places than traditional amps can.

JL Audio amps are the best around for powering your car audio subwoofers & speakers. JL currently has two series of amplifiers: the Slash v2 series & A-Series amps. The JL Audio Slash v2 amps have a wide range of built in features to provide you with the highest possible amount of clean power. The JL Audio A-Series amplifiers feature most of the same technology found in the Slash series, and still provide the high quality power you would expect from JL. If you are looking for an amplifier that will get the most out of your speakers & subs look no further than JL Audio amplifiers.

Boston Acoustics amplifiers use top-of-the-line technologies to give your music a powerful boost. And these attractive amps deliver the sonic goods at a reasonable price.

The GTA-400m mono amplifier puts out up to 400 watts RMS to your subwoofer system - plenty enough power to get your bass rockin'. Boston Acoustics' Q-Tune™ technology lets you tune your bass so you get maximum performance from your sub/enclosure combination. The inputs feature special noise-cancellation circuitry that ensures clean reproduction of your music all the way through to your speakers.

You'll find all connections and adjustment controls recessed on one side of the amp, for a neat installation and easy adjustment. Variable low-pass and subsonic filters let you tune the amplified signal so your system can sound its best. An optional wired remote control gives you the power to tweak the bass level from the front seat.

Born in the 1980's in the dawn of the mobile audio revolution, HCCA™ put the industry and the competition world on notice that Orion® was a force to be reckoned with. HCCA™ gear is what you have to have to be the LOUDEST, the LOWEST and the STRONGEST system in the joint!